Really? Another Mom blog?

Yep. That’s right. I drank the Kool-aid. I’ve started a mommy blog. I’ve been a mom for almost nine months and I’m ready to jump into the pool of Mamas Who Blog (kind of like the Ladies Who Lunch, right?). The next logical question is, “Why, Jess? What have you got to offer the interweb that isn’t already out there and pinned a thousand times?”

Good question.

I’ve racked my brain for the past nine months trying to come up with something unique and snowflake-special. I love to make cakes, so I thought about a cake blog. Then my husband pointed out that I’d need to bake several cakes a week. While that sounds like a ton of fun, my baby’s current affinity for crawling around the house and chewing on everything (yes, everything: dog toys, the bathtub, my flip flops) has made excessive cake baking currently impractical. However, here is a picture of one of my cakes. Yes, I’m showing off.


Moment of vanity over. My apologies. Moving on…

As I’ve been on the journey of becoming a parent, I have discovered many new things. Some of these things are practical, such as how to keep a cleaning schedule or how to go grocery shopping with a 5 month old and not want to throw a tantrum in Aisle 5. As a doctor’s spouse, I have learned how to deal with my husband’s 24 hour shifts and holiday work days. Other things I have learned am learning are more abstract. I have been learning how to give myself (and my husband) grace, how to be okay with messes, and how to truly rest.

So yes, I plan to blog about being a stay-at-home mom and a doctor’s spouse. I will likely post recipes, cleaning tips, little nuggets of parenting wisdom, and so on. AND I also want to share my experience of learning to give myself grace and embracing imperfection. I hope my experience of learning to be kind to myself can inspire others to treat themselves kindly, too.

I may also blog about cake every so often. I love cake.

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I'm a Jesus follower, wife, and mom. I have been caught in a Costa Rican riot, once accidentally insulted Gavin DeGraw, and really want to visit Lichtenstein. I love long, romantic walks through the rain forest. I make cakes sometimes. I'm a mess, and I'm learning to embrace that.

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